Another one down….

Well another week bites the dust, as we move at high speed towards Christmas….and my next birthday…I am not gonna tell you that 45 isn't a big one for me…it is, and holy crap, how the hell did I get this old already?? Seriously, no one warns you when you are 5 that the days go faster the older you get, so enjoy the days that go on forever now…when I think back to all the minutes wasted doing stupid stuff, sheeesh…someone should write a book about things you should know but no one tells you…maybe that could be my winter job :) 

Although I have to admit that spending the days puttering, baking, doing yoga, meditating and pretty much anything I bloody well want to ROCKS….life is good…I am truly blessed to be able to enjoy my time this much for 5 months of the year…I am loving it to say the least.

I am pretty much ready for Christmas, it wouldn't be any fun if you didn't leave SOME stuff til the last minute, like the Christmas Crackers, do you have any idea how many times I have walked by them in the store and thought, I should just grab them now…cause I ALWAYS forget them, seriously, every year, and people (namely my family, who thankfully are coming for the holidays) do NOT appreciate NOT having the crepe pink hat and the stupid toy and pulling the paper to make a loud banging noise….it is a must have, and if ya don't, holy crap… you get it bad, regardless of the fact that it is your birthday and you just spent the whole day cooking your ass off for them…

So I am thinking that tomorrow, or maybe the next day, or even the day after that, I should go and get some from the store, oh and cranberry sauce too, cause you may as well just crawl in the oven yourself if you forget that…

I haven't got the tree up yet, mostly cause I am hoping that my ex really will pull through and give me the big fake one I have in his crawlspace, that has been there for 3 years and I just got the balls to ask him for it back…

So then he thinks he needs to tell me that after I moved out, and he cut the big birch tree I loved so much down, he took the fake tree, set it up, and lit it on fire…on the stump of the birch….

I said "You did fucking not" and he admited that no, he hadn't done that, but he seemed amused by the thought, and I am wondering if maybe he has decided that would be more fun than actually giving me the tree would be, he can be pretty twisted sometimes and he really hated the fake tree…. no wonder my Dad loves him…

everything else is decorated, lights are up and baking is done….maybe I should try and bribe the ex with some butter tarts or peppermint patties, that might get me farther than trying to charm my way through it at this point in our relationship…hehehehe….

so for tonite all is well, life is good, and me and the mankie cat are headed to bed, to dream about sugar plums and bald boys yet to find us….

love and peace….

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2 thoughts on “Another one down….

  1. Hahahahah….Oh crap, there is supposed to be wisdom and maturity by now??? Well that is a problem then  :)  And I am content, and the Christmas tree glitches are really all good, Adam and I working ourselves out into what we are to each other now is all, which will hopefully in time be good friends :)
    And the bald boy dreams are always good :)

  2. Don’t worry about the “45”…..just think of all the wisdom and maturity you can give back to the world :-)Sounds like you have a lot of contentment despite the Christmas tree glitches.Hope the bald boy dream was good :-)

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