Today is the first day of my new life…

'cause ya see…the old way isn't working for me that well, and I am the only one that is going to change that…I have read The Secret …like four times….but tonite…I watched the movie…I am manifesting everything I have, what a bloody concept…and of course I am.

 Everything I really put my mind to I get, my job, my house (which in hindsight, I should have researched more…hehehe) but it is mine, and I wanted it, and I got it. So really, be careful what you wish for is soo true, it is actually terrifying. 

The relationship I am in, is one that is different than what I want, it is what I wanted, or so I thought, and I got it, therefore I manifested it….so, I want to change my life, and I am going to….I want the love of my life…like everything….romance, fun, hot sex, adoration, loyalty and respect and I want him to be HOT…..I want to make at least 100,000 a year, I really do, and I am going to. I want to be in top shape…what the hell is stopping me from that??? I am not working right now, cause I get the winter off…so I have NO excuse, and have been seriously working on that for the last week and it is happening…tomorrow my youngest son and I are going rock climbing…i am terrified of heights, and have never rock climbed in my life, but I have always wanted to…so what's stopping me???

ME, that's who….well no more, I am getting outta my way, and my life is gonna change :) so look out, because I am bringing on everything I deserve and want!!!!!!!!!!!! My new life awaits :)


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