Meditation and love…

Blog I am once again trying to find my spiritual self…I know I am in there somewhere…and with all that has gone on in my life in the last few months, I really need to dig her out.  I have started doing yoga, mostly because my chronic backpain has now gotten to the point that I have to take matters into my own hands and help to heal my body. In my research Yoga seems to be the best solution to that problem…and I think I love it :) I have also started meditating again…strange things happen to me when I meditate, like I am talking life changing shit…today, hmm…today was a flashback to when I was about 4…how I felt then, how safe and happy and unaware I was…I was full of love of hope and knowing that life was beautiful, I had a great imagination, and could play in my nana's house, that was across from my beloved grandma and grandpa's.  I am sure that my nana was in Essendale by then, she had Alzhiemers…but her house stayed intact for years and it was a constant source of joy to me….I used to play there for hours, with my imaginary husband and babies, making dinner with the dandelions, horsetail and english daisies that were in close reach in the yard that I loved so much….and I know this is gonna sound bizarre…but when I was finished meditating and went out into my livingroom…it smelt like her house….it really did…weird, yes…comforting…absolutely…


  I miss my grandparents so much, every single day I think of my grandma and grandpa without fail…english daisies make me cry, cause they remind me of my grandad whom I adored more than anyone on the planet…I have some in my yard now….and everytime i walk past them the tears come…oh for one more hug from the grumpy old guy that stole my heart from as far back as I can remember….and my grandma…she was the funniest lady ever…she was rarely sad, or if she was you never knew…til the day she died she was the greatest old girl ever…I so miss her….I am so lucky to have had them in my life as long as I did…and am sooooo lucky that my parents are healthy and fun as well so my kids know what that is like :)  I wish they could have met my dads sister Kathy before she died from Cancer, but Dylan was very small when she passed….I think maybe all the reminising is to remind me that family is everything… the big picture not much else matters except the love and happiness that they bring to you….I am truly blessed to have the amazing love in my life that I have….


2 thoughts on “Meditation and love…

  1. [this is good] A nicely written thoughtful post.  I wish you well with the meditation, something I have tried sporadically for many years but seem to lack discipine for…..I am certain it can be very beneficial.Wonderful tribute to your grandparents… is so important to spend some time daily to appreciate the blessings we have, and have had in life.Agree with your thoughts on Tiger Woods, and I wish you well with all your dreams for the future.

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