And about Tiger…

Seriously...don’t you think we should just give the poor guy a break???

I am in NO way saying that cheating is ok…but we have all done it, or most of us anyways, it is part of life and love. 

And really… only him and his beautiful wife know what goes on between them…right?  No one ever knows but the people involved…I have had enough drama in my life, love and breakups to understand that people get angry and shit gets misconstrued or you only get one side…it really isn’t anyones business..and besides that…wasn’t his wife chasing him with a fucking golf club??? So who really was the bad guy here????

No one…they had a lovers quarrel that unfortunately is going to change Tigers life probably forever…I am sure he is a great guy, and she is a great chick…but maybe together not so much, you know it happens all the time…so I am thinking…leave the poor guy alone, and let him figure out with his wife what exactly they are gonna do about this now huge media involved fuck up they have created…and really, it sucks to be famous don’t ya think?


2 thoughts on “And about Tiger…

  1. What did I miss? Ya know, it takes two ppl to make cheating happen. I never fully blamed Tiger. I think he got a hold of a “white girl” (and I don’t mean to sound racist) but she put that “white girl” mojo on him, THEN had a baby and took the mojo away! She turned him freaky and he wanted more! hehe

    Poor Tiger!

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