The lesson…

I know there is one here….there has to be….other than the obvious, don’t buy a house on a high water table…especially when the people selling you the house are being over the top helpful…cause that is bullshit, they are just trying to unload their nightmare on the unsuspecting single mom, while at the same time looking like they are doing you some big fucking favor….do I sound bitter??? I am really trying not to be, cause buyer beware, but I did it all right, I had it inspected, I jumped thru all the fucking hoops, and still got screwed….what exactly is the point of having a disclosure statement if nothing is disclosed even though you bloody well know the house is gonna flood again…I would NEVER do that to someone…hopefully their Karma will take care of them….


So now I have to work thru this, dig ditches, put in a sump pump or maybe two, spend money I don’t have to spend and get this damn place drained and safe and liveable….it can be pretty overwhelming and I do once and a while drop to the floor and just cry my damn eyes out, other times I laugh hysterically and am thankful that everyone is at school so they don’t put me away, though at some point in some days that would be a godsend…thank god for helpful boys and great friends…and on we shall move, living the lesson and getting rid of all the damn water some how some way, so it doesn’t come flooding into my basement again….


Karma is all I can hope for….both ways….my good and their just reward… 

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