Changing of the seasons…

We got our bulbs in at work today….a true sign that summer is nearing it’s end and we are moving on into fall…I love all the seasons, but fall is my favorite. I love pulling out the sweaters and scarves and the leaves falling everywhere…and damn there are some cool flowers for fall now, in case you don’t know, I work in a Garden centre, so this also signifies to me, that I will almost be out of work for about 4 months…which is good and bad at the same time :)

I love my job…I work with the most amazing crew of people, we have FUN…like every day we have fun :) and who can be pissy when they come to buy flowers??? Well mostly, there are always the assholes that have to wreck it for the rest of us, but generally people are happy when they come in to see us and hopefully more so when they leave, cause like I said we are fun ;) you aren’t gonna come in our store and not have a good time…or be fairly amused by our antics…and our customers can be even more amusing than we are…

so as we wind down and get ready for the long cold winter that is sure to follow the hopefully long hot fall we are gonna have (I am projecting, ya never know, it could happen….) it is bittersweet that my favorite season means I will leave my work friends, and have to make the big decision do I get a winter job?? Or….

do I take it off, try and sell my damn house, and hang with my retired boyfriend?? Heheheh…a new situation that could prove interesting…hmmmm… what could we do all winter i wonder???

needless to say, the princess is a happy girl, best season coming on, boyfriend coming over to visit tomorrow, life is good….

now…anyone wanna buy a really nice house???

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