Life as a redneck princess continues…

So…obviously during part one of life as a redneck princess, I was having some severe boy difficulties…wasn't really the boys fault this time…though… he really wasn't listening. But low and freaking behold, it was all my stuff. I own it. I have committment issues. I have had three serious relationships in my life, and my boy now, was also the first boy. I have never truly committed to anyone since him.  So we have a reconciliation 25 years later, and I do everything in my power to sabatoge it…what the hell is up with that?  I was doing everything I was accusing him of doing, maybe worse..


then….he told me he loved me….


well I have been waiting for those words from him my whole life…and we were broken up, and I didn't expect it, or have any idea what the hell to do with the information…I mean come on, my sabatoge was going perfectly, he was nearly gone from my life again, leaving me again to wonder for 25 years if maybe we could have made it this time…


then he wrote me a letter, and read it to me on the phone…what?? A boy that actually calls me on my shit??? Another unexpected move…no one calls me on my shit…well except Diann and Karen…boys never have the guts…he did…


so I process for a few days…cause shit…now what?  I am going to have to own some stuff here, maybe be an adult and have a real relationship…I am terrrified…


but in the end, I realize that he is offereing me everything I have been telling myself I am looking for, and he freaking loves me through everything I have ever put him through…oh he is no angel either, but I am fairly hard to handle…and he seems to be willing to try…


so the bell has been rung for round 4…yes that is correct, this will be our fourth try, we can't seem to leave each other alone, so we had better figure out how to grow old together here :)  all is good, life is amazing, and obviously with us, it will never be boring, what else could a girl ask for???

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