Got it laid…

The floor I mean…unfortunately, that really is the only thing getting laid these days…it was a long day, I started at about one oclock, after procrastinating as long as I could (see Chicken and pickles are all you need story)…chipping off the ceramic tile from under the way too heavy for me to lift wood-stove (thanks for coming over and moving that Mike) proved to be fairly detremental to my fingers…you see….I am sometimes way blonder than I let on. I thought after the first cut, that maybe I should put some gloves on…but I didn’t.

Blonde moment.

Because then, I REALLY cut my finger, not a little cut where you say, FUCK and move on…but cut like, I have to run upstairs to get papertowel and hold my finger really tight, because I could bleed to death and should probably get in my truck and go and get some stitches, kinda thing. And seriously, no one would have found me til this morning…I was all alone, which is never good on a normal day… so then, I am trying to get a bandaid on, but it will NOT stop bleeding, which is fairly distressing when it is bleeding all over the white bathroom counter.

Did I mention that I don’t do blood well??? Like not mine or anyone else’s…

So I am thinking to myself….self…you better maintain here, get a damn bandaid on there and hold the damn thing together before you go down and crack your skull open on the bathtub…anyways…long story shorter…I did it…it didn’t necessarily stop bleeding at that point, but put a couple of bandaids on top of each other, and you don’t notice as much.

So back downstairs I go.

I must say, I am fairly good at laying stick on tile now, the edges are still kinda questionable, but I have lots of tiles, and I only threw a few away due to bad chopping…ok…maybe more than a few, but I am better at it now…so I need to make a new resume, cause by the time I am done with this damn house there will be very few things that I can’t do.

So back to the story…

I finally finished the floor at 11:30 last night, I have a bit around the woodstove tiles to finish…the floor is fucking big…did I mention that? It is about 300 square feet, now think about this…..If you bend up and down about three times per tile…which is 1 square foot, plus whatever excess amount of times, do ya think your ass and legs are gonna hurt the next day??? YES THEY BLOODY WELL ARE…so today, I am fairly useless and groany. Linda at work, kept telling me to stay still so she didnt have to hear me groaning every time I moved…lol…ok, so the floor is done, pics are attached, If I can figure out how to do that….

One more job down…and only the universe knows how many more to go :)

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