Life as a redneck princess…

Has it moments…you know, those moments when the light comes on and you really really get it…it might just last for a millisecond, but you know that the moment defined all that will come in the future…

Well I don't have moments…nooooooo that would be way too fucking easy…i have whole weeks…life thinks it's way funnier to slap me around for a long period of time, cause maybe I just don't get it that fast or something. Maybe life has learned that when this princess has a lesson to learn, it better be lonnnnnnnnnnng :)

So this week I had that lesson…listen to your gut, when it tells you to run like hell and don't look back…GO, what the hell are you waiting for??

Cause if you don't run…you will have days of usless conversation, I guess some would call it closure, but really how long should that take in the real world, you have a conversation, you make your point, the other person gets it and you both move on from there right???

No…not right…cause other people really aren't listening to what you are saying out loud, even when you really hope that they are, and you look them in the eye and ask them if they get it…they usually don't, really, people hear whatever the hell they want to hear, and if they don't hear it, they will make it up and pretend that they did, and then later, they will actually have the guts to tell you that you heard it too…

Seriously…people???  Are you fucking kidding me that i don't know what i said and meant??? I mean come on, I don't drink heavily, well not during the above said conversation I wasn't, afterwards was a totally different story…but the next day when you tell me something that was twilight zoneish…I am not going to believe you…do I look blonder than I really am…and just cause you wanna believe it is true..will NOT make it so….so people…COME ON…and just in case you haven't clued into this yet..I mean GUYS specifically…we can't live without you, or so they tell us… but really, if we have too, we will, cause a whole week of lessons is more than any of us should have to endure to move on with the good life we know we deserve and are going to find without your twilight zoned asses….


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