Bad Hair

Let me start out by saying bad hair days are the WORST beauty thing that can happen to me personally.  Hehehehe…I admit it, I have hair issues.  Growing up, I was a skinny little nerd with no boobs a big nose and chicken legs.  I, like any other child had alot of body issues.  But I always had good hair!! Well, unless I colored it orange, or cut it myself or any of the other numerous things I used to bring on myself!!  Being 44 I have filled out a little…now I worry about that extra 10 pounds, which I have NEVER in my life had to do before, my nose is just part of my face, maybe I grew into it??? Or I really just don't care….and my boobs, well, let's just say they will always be perky cause there isn't enough there to go anywhere, and I am thankful for that!!
So anyways….this year I have vowed to change my lifestyle, what I put in and on my body. So off to the health food store I go.  I bought some shampoo without the Laurel Sulphite or whatever the bubblemaking stuff in it is called, and for the first week, my hair was amazing…then…..all of a sudden it won't do anything, feels like straw, and looked blah, well, I went and got a Henna.  Ya know, the last time I did a Henna, I had short hair, now I don't.  I started doing it at 10 at night, ya I was up til 12. It was like washing rock hard mud outta my freaking hair, and I have a TON of hair….felt better afterwards, for about a day….sooooo against my will, I make a hair appointment…maybe I just need a haircut, well no, I really did need a haircut.  Sooo in I go…now my hairdresser is an awesome girl, but there is no shit with her, first I get shit because I always wait to long between cuts, I am trying to grow my hair long you see….then as she is washing it she is like what the HELL have you been doing to your hair???? So I tell her, apparently washing my hair everyday is also a bad thing, but I do, always have, and the shampoo that I was so excited about has stripped all the good stuff outta my hair….damn.  So I buy good shampoo ( with the bubbly crap in it) and she oils me and conditions the hell out of my hair….then the cut, now I love this girl, but she is NOT a hairdresser for the faint of heart, she does what she wants, and it is usually awesome, but EVERY time I get my haircut she takes it off the length, (just a little, you won't even notice)  YES I DO…..I am usually mad at her for a couple of weeks after…this time I was only mad for a day, cause my hair is soft again and looks really healthy…so it's all good…cause seriously, I am going on a roadtrip to see people I haven't seen in 12 years, so ya gotta have good hair right???  So this is a tribute to the hairdressers in the world that do whatever the hell that they want to your hair, cause ya know, sometimes they really do know better than you do, exactly what  it is you need!!!!



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